/Peugeot 208 to replace 207 in 2012

Peugeot 208 to replace 207 in 2012

peugeot208 at Peugeot 208 to replace 207 in 2012

Looks like Peugeot is going backward with its design department! They replaced the lovely 206 with 207 which was, ugly to be honest, and 207 is going to be replaced by this! which is hideous to be really honest! Peugeot realized that its badge is the only good looking part in their cars and they wanted to take advantage of it so as you see in the rendering above the car comes with a huge badge which is as big as the headlights! Of Course this is not official, it is an illustration based on some spyshots, but do not expect that the actual car to look any better. Apparently after 206, designing talent completely run out in Peugeot!

According to Auto Express : ” At the rear, the restyle continues with large tail-lights and a sporty lower bumper, which incorporates twin diffusers. The new car will debut a host of super-efficient turbocharged petrol and diesel powerplants, and is set to be fitted with a start-stop system that switches off the engine in stationary traffic to save fuel and cut emissions.”

Peugeot 208 is expected to arrive in 2012.

car photo 299761 25 at Peugeot 208 to replace 207 in 2012

car photo 299760 25 at Peugeot 208 to replace 207 in 2012

source : Auto Express

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