/BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo official pictuers and video

BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo official pictuers and video

If you saw the leaked images of  BMW 5-series GT and thought it’s really ugly now watch this video and take a look at the official pictures to make sure you were absolutely right! Worse than that, the next 5-series sedan will probably look like this as well, but at least the sedan will not be as complicating as this car, this MPV estate crossover PAS so-called GT thing!

BMW Concept 5 Series Gran TurismoA genuine BMW offering new options and features in truly fascinating style and diversity – this is the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo.

Introducing this trendsetting concept car, the world’s most successful manufacturer of premium automobiles is establishing a brand-new segment in the automobile market, enriching the Sheer Driving Pleasure so typical of BMW by a new facet and carrying over that unique BMW style to another type of vehicle.

As in the case of the BMW X5 as the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle and the BMW 1 Series, to this day the only rear-wheel-drive premium compact car, BMW, through outstanding innovation, is once again developing new and progressive market segments and giving additional target groups that unique experience of the BMW brand.

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is the production-based rendition of the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) in the upper midrange segment, offering an outlook at the extension of the BMW 5 Series by a new, additional vehicle concept. For the first time in the automobile market, this concept car combines the looks and appearance of a prestigious Sedan, a modern Sports Activity Vehicle, and a classic Gran Turismo. Indeed, perhaps the most outstanding feature of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is this unprecedented combination of stylish elegance, luxurious comfort, and impressive diversity.

As the name alone indicates, the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is the ideal car for long journeys while still offering a magnificent driving experience also in everyday traffic on short routes. The design of the body alone also presents all the dynamics and efficiency of a BMW dedicated to sporting performance. And apart from the proportions so typical of the brand, the design language again characteristic of a BMW comes out clearly from every angle.

An intelligent concept for modern mobility.
The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo conveys an up-to-date image of modern mobility. The focus in particular is on the demands and requirements of the discerning motorist who expects generosity, appreciates an exclusive ambience, and enjoys all the benefits of a variable interior.

Precisely with this in mind, the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo meets all these demands, representing the special status and elegant style of an upper midrange model with individual flair oriented to the driver’s personal needs and preferences.

This provides the potential to win over new target groups for BMW, with the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo being a truly unique and attractive offer for the dedicated motorist wishing to retain classic features such as presence, luxury and premium quality while nevertheless living out a versatile and spontaneous lifestyle and remaining open to innovative concepts. The car therefore also reflects new demands made by the modern motorist wishing to enjoy a vehicle in perfect harmony with all kinds of situations and requirements in life – both in a prestigious professional world and in dynamic leisure time activities.

The interior of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo combines spaciousness, personal luxury and an exquisite choice of materials to provide a genuine premium experience. The four doors allow convenient and ergonomically ideal access to all seats, the driver-oriented design of the cockpit again in typical BMW style demonstrates truly sporting performance, and the slightly elevated seating position promotes the driver’s superior control of the car.

Unique design also at the rear provides a modern, exclusive and generous ambience. With the seats being adjustable to many different positions, both legroom and the seat angle may be set to the individual preferences of the passengers. Headroom is virtually the same as in the BMW X5, giving both the driver and front passenger as well as the passengers at the rear a genuine experience of first class comfort.

Large side windows emphasise the bright and generous ambience within the car, as does the panorama glass roof previously available only in the BMW 5 Series Touring and the BMW X models.

Luxurious comfort and impressive variability.
Depending on the driver’s and passengers’ priorities, legroom at the rear may be increased to the same level as in the BMW 7 Series or the capacity of the luggage compartment may be upgraded to that of a BMW 5 Series Touring.

The unique variability of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo comes, among other things, from the rear seats adjustable fore-and-aft by up to 100 millimetres or more than 3.9?. A further option is to adjust the backrest angle individually according to one’s personal requirements, either in the interest of maximum seating comfort or for additional space in the luggage compartment.

Using all the space available at the rear, legroom is roughly the same as in the BMW 7 Series and luggage capacity amounts to 430 litres or 15.1 cubic feet. With the rear seats moved to the front and the partition wall opened up, in turn, luggage capacity increases to 570 litres or almost 20 cubic feet. And even in this position legroom in the rear still meets the substantial demands made of an outstanding sedan in the upper midrange segment.

After completely folding the rear-seat backrests as well as the partition wall leading to the luggage compartment, the driver and passengers are able to load particularly large and bulky objects into the rear. With the firm luggage compartment cover being stowed away in the floor of the luggage compartment, maximum luggage capacity in the loading area extending all the way through is no less than 1650 litres or nearly 58 cubic feet.

The seat backrests fold down both electrically and by means of a button on the side panel of the luggage compartment, the partition wall, after being released, following the respective movement of the rear-seat backrests. This ensures absolute convenience in adjusting luggage capacity to current requirements even during the process of loading the car.

The option to fold down the rear-seat backrests individually provides even greater variability, especially as the rear partition wall also splits up into two sections, likewise folding down according to current requirements.

Optimum visibility and comfortable access thanks to the elevated seating position.
On the front seats both the driver and front passenger benefit from a slightly elevated seating position. This semi-commanding seating position, as it is called, offers an optimum overview all around the car, like in the BMW X models. And the particular configuration developed for the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo serves furthermore to provide very convenient and ergonomic access to the car.

In the design of the cockpit, the structure of horizontally arranged, cascade-like surfaces finished in different materials and colours strongly accentuates the width of BMW’s new concept car. The displays and controls are clearly separated from one another, grouped together according to their functions.

Through its design, the instrument panel enhances the very good visibility already provided by the elevated seating position, giving the driver a clear view from above of the control elements for the lights and the start/stop button on the middle level strongly inclined to the front. As the final important feature in this context, the horizontal orientation of the entire cockpit additionally accentuates the generous character of the interior.

Elegant interior design accentuating the unique feeling of space.
The trim bar stretching out as an exciting arch throughout the entire width of the instrument panel continues into the door linings, the impression of a fully enclosed space around the occupants created in this way being further enhanced by the harmonious design and finish of the trim surfaces on the front and rear doors with their perfect blend of shapes and colours. The interaction of ascending and descending lines and contours throughout the entire length of the interior creates a homogeneous impression optically connecting the front and rear seats. All lines and the surfaces finished with the most sophisticated materials taper out to the rear behind the rear seats, giving the interior its particularly comfortable and spacious character.

The dynamic flow of lines not even interrupted by the B-pillar additionally emphasises the length of the interior crucial to the feeling of space and generosity. And last but not least, this feeling of length is supported by the centre console in the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo extending all the way to the rear.

The elaborate design of individual elements on the door panels adds further exciting effects, from the very beginning bringing out the overall design context without any interruption between the front and rear areas.

A more precise look reveals the subtle play of surfaces in the door linings, with individual elements changing not only in shape, but also in their function. The middle section on the door lining around the front seats, for example, is strongly contoured and also forms a kind of legrest. Then, moving back to the rear, these contour lines become even stronger, the surface turning to the inside within itself. Finally, this surface now concave in shape leads on to the armrests on the rear seats.

Special concept of materials and colours within the interior.
The colour and materials concept for the interior further enhances the impression of personal luxury and the interplay of surfaces and lines. All surfaces within the interior are finished in high-quality natural leather, the surfaces on the seats and the door armrests forming the comfort zone in Glacier White leather. This creates the impression of a bright brand extending round the lower section of the instrument panel, the cool and elegant colour giving particular emphasis to the generous und luxurious feeling of space.

The bright surfaces in the comfort zone are surrounded by a dark, warm reddish brown, this special colour referred to as Copper Brown providing a smooth link to the exterior paintwork.

The superior impression of modern luxury is further enhanced through the use of authentic materials such as polished metal elements milled out of one piece and ceramic units.

The superior quality of the interior finish is borne out particularly by the solid wooden trim with metal inlays extending generously across the instrument panel.

Instrument cluster with colour display in black panel technology.
The instrument cluster of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is made up of a high-resolution colour display in black panel technology presenting the four round instruments in traditional sports car style as well as status and function displays, navigation data, information from the Check/Control, feedback from various control units and service interval information in the traditional style of a sports car.

Introduced for the first time in the new BMW 7 Series, black panel technology ensures particularly precise and, at the same time, sophisticated presentation of the instruments and displays. In its rest mode the entire panel forms a homogeneous black surface, the numbers on the circular instruments then being generated electronically when activated, together with all the symbols on the Display.

The iDrive Control Display arranged in typical BMW style on the same level as the instrument cluster is integrated in the dashboard in a central position as a free-standing element. The Control Display forms one common design unit with the black panel in the central section of the dashboard housing the controls for the audio system and air conditioning. For optical purposes this unit is separated by the horizontal trim bar with its central ventilation grid and a storage box. A further point is that in the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo the special look of black panel technology continues into a homogeneous surface in the centre console.

Proportions: dynamism in typical BMW style combined with the elegance of a Gran Turismo.
The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo re-interprets the experience of driving a BMW, the luxury and variability of the interior coming together to form a modern rendition of superior generosity.

This offers both the driver and his passengers unique opportunities in enjoying the driving experience, the new flair of the car forming an ideal match with fascinating features typical of BMW, in particular uncompromising premium quality and interior design ensuring Sheer Driving Pleasure of the highest standard.

The body design of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo likewise ensures an exciting balance of innovation and tradition. The concept car stands out at first sight as a genuine BMW, just as the overall look of the exterior clearly alludes to the extension of BMW’s model portfolio made possible by this unique automobile. Indeed, the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo enters new terrain in the history of the BMW brand and has no competitors throughout the entire world of motoring.

In its exterior dimensions the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo fits in perfectly between the BMW 7 Series and BMW’s various SAV models. In its length of 499.8 centimetres or 196.8?, it is second only within the BMW model range to BMW’s Luxury Performance Sedan, while the car’s height of 155.5 centimetres or 61.2? is exceeded significantly only by BMW’s X models.

The characteristic look of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo so typical of the brand results in particular from the car’s proportions, the long engine compartment lid, the long wheelbase and the greenhouse moved far to the rear bearing out the dynamic performance characteristics of a BMW also through the car’s design.
These features are combined with innovative elements highlighting the unique qualities of the new concept, the extra-large passenger cell clearly bearing testimony to the luxurious variability of the interior. The coupé-like roofline extending into the air spoiler at the rear, in turn, represents the sporting elegance of a genuine Gran Turismo.

Paintwork in Fluid Cuprite, a new colour developed specifically for this concept car, again highlights the unique design and look of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo. The extremely fine surface flair reminiscent of liquid metal most impressively models the various surfaces on the body under all kinds of light conditions through its powerful contours. And to provide an appropriate supplementary touch, the brake callipers and the inner surfaces on the exhaust gas tailpipes are finished in a new colour called Copper.

Front view with that forward-pushing motion.
The front view of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is characterised in particular by the strong presence of the low-slung BMW kidney grille, the large air intake, and the characteristic dual round headlights. The BMW kidney grille is slanted slightly to the front, its upper edge marking the foremost point on the body. In its presence, the kidney grille is further accentuated by the surrounding surfaces intentionally moved further back.

All contour lines flowing along the engine compartment out of the side panels aim at the kidney grille at the front of the car. The air intake, in turn, is lower in the middle where it extends beneath the kidney grille. And last but not least the contours on the headlight units taper out smoothly towards the middle of the car.

Just as the size of the BMW kidney grille clearly demonstrates the engine’s significant demand for cooling air, the power dome in the middle of the engine compartment lid emphasises the sheer power and muscle of the engine itself. The outer flanks of the engine compartment lid facing downward form a cascade-like contour together with the widely flared wheel arches, giving the front view of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo a particularly wide and powerful look.

This impression is further enhanced by the foglamps positioned at the outer edges of the air intake, while the all-aluminium bars separating the two outer elements on the air intake and extending beyond the foglamps further enhance the sheer look of width at the front through their horizontal orientation.

Dual round headlights typical of BMW, unique LED corona rings.
The dual round headlights typical of a BMW come with new contour lines and a new technology for the daytime driving lights on the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo.

Slanted to a distinctive angle and extending far into the side panels, the headlight units are highlighted by surrounding bars, the headlights themselves cylindrical in shape bordering at the top on a matt headlight cover. This particularly emphasises the unique look of the front end again in typical BMW style with its clear, almost penetrating focus.

Apart from the direction indicators, the corona rings for the daytime driving lights come for the first time as LED units generating a particularly homogeneous and bright light adding new and attractive features to that particular look so typical of BMW.

Side-view: coupé-like roofline and waistline emphasising the sleek elegance of the car.
Appropriate lines along the side create the harmonious symbiosis of the front end, the side view and the rear section so typical of BMW design also on the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo. The dominating feature from the side is the waistline characteristic of a BMW extending from the outer edge of the headlights and moving back at the same level as the door openers along the entire length of the car, rising up slightly in the process and continuing into the contours of the rear light clusters.

The equally striking sill-line continues into the upper edge around the air intake at the front and the contour in the rear air dam, this interplay of the waistline and the sill-line making the car look lower and more crouched down on the ground and emphasising the dynamic wedge of the body.

The roofline consistently tapering out and ending in the rear air spoiler conveys a feature typical of a modern coupé to a four-door automobile in the guise of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo. The innovative character of the car’s design is indeed a visual expression of the many features and qualities the car has to offer. With its sporting flair, the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo leaves an even greater and more positive impression through its spacious and generous interior.

Both front and rear the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo comes with frameless doors, a feature of particularly sporting cars now to be admired for the first time on a four-door BMW.

The door cutout bars are another special feature, forming one unit across both entry areas and thus corresponding with the overall harmonious flair conveyed by the door panels inside the car.

Large, significantly flared wheel arches symbolise the sporting potential of the car: The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo comes on 21-inch light-alloy rims offering a particular touch of elegance through their exclusive multi-spoke design.

Yet another feature of particularly sporting cars is the small mass of the body above the front wheels, keeping the side panels particularly low and long. This effect is further intensified by the horizontal lines of the car borne out by the waistline as well as the joint and contour line on the engine compartment.

The “Hofmeister kink” re-interpreted in modern style.
The design of the side window graphics also presents a re-interpretation of a characteristic BMW feature: On the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo both the shaft covers and the window surrounds are made of one piece, this three-dimensional shape giving the frame made of aluminium a particularly sophisticated and dynamic look around that famous “Hofmeister kink”.

The exterior mirrors also represent a new design element, with the mirror base forming part of the shaft cover starting on the foot of the A-pillars and thus blending particularly smoothly and harmoniously with the side panel of the car.

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo offers a brand-new rendition of the counter-swing in the bottom corner of the rear side window frame so well-known as the “Hofmeister kink”. In this case the inner radius of the “kink” is particularly large, the outer radius strikingly small. This creates an exciting contrast to the roofline moving down smoothly and gently to the rear specifically at this point.

Powerful rear end.
The design of the rear end offers a particularly striking impression of this unique concept with its exceptional strengths and features. The two outer rooflines as well as the shoulder lines merge into the air spoiler on the tailgate, giving the rear end in its fastback style a kind of surrounding line and at the same time adding a compact touch to the overall design of the car.

The entire rear view of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is split by horizontal lines highlighting the width and powerful stance of the car. At the same time this creates an attractive interplay of convex and concave surfaces, the negatively slanted surface above the chrome bar between the rear light clusters bearing the BMW logo offering an additional sporting effect.

The rear end reaches its full width around the wheel arches, the exhaust tailpipes positioned far to the outside also directing the eyes of the beholder to the wheels. The distinctive light edge in the lower part of the bumper adds a further touch, while a diffuser finished in black marks the gap between the rear panel and the road.

Impressive function: two tailgates in one.
With the rear panel of the car appearing to start directly beneath the rear light clusters in order to convey a sporting impression, the low loading sill on the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is not visible at first sight.

Another innovation crucial to the superior function of the car is likewise only recognisable when opening the tailgate: To stow away luggage, the tailgate may be opened either in full or only around the rear window. If only the lower section is swivelled upward, the driver and passengers will load the luggage compartment in the same way as in a sedan, naturally benefitting in the process from the far lower loading sill. Since in this case they only open the luggage compartment as such, the passenger compartment will not suffer in the process from drafts or any other effects of bad weather.

The need to open the complete tailgate pivoting above the rear window arises only when stowing away particularly large and bulky objects.

The L-shape of the rear light clusters typical of a BMW is re-interpreted on the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo, with the two rows of light following a dynamic sweeping motion. The rear lights extend far into the side panel, emphasising the full width of the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo also in the car’s night design.

The lights fed by LED illumination units provide a homogeneous light effect with the brake lights and direction indicators positioned behind the rows of lights and being illuminated even more brilliantly when activated.

The rear light clusters are connected to one another by a chrome bar continuing from the waistline at the side into the line extending into the rear lights and thus accentuating the width of the rear end. Yet a further innovation is the integration of the third brake light in the rear fin again so typical of BMW.

BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo: new momentum in a demanding market.
Presenting the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo, BMW is once again proving its outstanding competence in the development of innovative vehicle concepts. The world’s most successful manufacturer of premium cars follows the challenges created by the need for up-to-date mobility.

This new car concept addresses a demanding target group seeking to combine stylish elegance, luxurious wellness and impressive variability in individual style with the demands and requirements of their active lifestyle.

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo offers precisely these qualities, enhancing the Sheer Driving Pleasure so typical of the brand by a new dimension thrilling the true connoisseur also beyond BMW’s existing target groups.

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo clearly reveals the full bandwidth of its qualities when compared with the demands made of an up-to-date grand tourer. With its elegant look, the sophisticated ambience of its comfortable and spacious interior, as well as its generous and variable transport capacities, the BMW Concept 5 Series is simply perfect for a wonderful travel experience. And since BMW’s innovative power is also borne out by an extremely efficient drivetrain, this new concept car will also ensure appropriate economy in today’s world.

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo thus stands out as a modern interpretation of the Gran Turismo segment so rich in tradition, cars which at all times have combined particularly superior long-distance driving qualities with a truly comfortable interior.

Stylish elegance, luxurious spaciousness, and impressive versatility all come together in the BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo in unique style. Features never before combined in one car in this way make the new concept a truly progressive innovation serving ideally to set new standards in the most demanding upper midrange segment.

Establishing a new vehicle segment in this process, BMW is consistently continuing its successful development strategy. Qualities typical of the brand once are again carried over into a new market with an innovative concept unique to world over. Hence, BMW is using all the innovative power of the brand to give new customers that unique thrill of Sheer Driving Pleasure and to continue the ongoing growth of the BMW brand in a lasting, long-term process.

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