/BMW 7-Series Long-wheelbase

BMW 7-Series Long-wheelbase

730 ld at BMW 7 Series Long wheelbase

If you really wanna have a chauffeur-driven car but can’t afford a Maybach or Phantom, don’t be worry no more because BMW is preparing a long-wheelbase version of the entry level 7-series, the 730 LD. The car has stretched pretty well and offer 14cm more legroom in the back. Also the back seats are individually air conditioned and fitted with massagers.  BMW’s individual program has been implemented too so the semi-important passenger will get a full set of multimedia and communication equipments where he or she seats. BMW 730 Ld has the same standard 3.0liter engine of the normal 730s and that means it only got 245 hp and does 0-60 in 7.3 seconds which is not fast by any standards but it’s justified by very good fuel economy as it hits 38 mpg. Prices starts at £56,790 in the UK.

730 ld1 at BMW 7 Series Long wheelbase

via : Autoexpress

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