/Ferrari recalls 1950 F430 Spiders over roof problem!

Ferrari recalls 1950 F430 Spiders over roof problem!

f 430 2008 red at Ferrari recalls 1950 F430 Spiders over roof problem!

Italian cars were getting boring because you know there used to be numerous problems in their supercars which were like a characteristic, some sort of identity for them, but now with their modern production lines there is a little chance for a flaw in the cars, the typical traditional Italian way! But Ferrari, aware of this fact, has announced a recall for nearly 2000 F430 Spider to show they are still pure Italianos!!

According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) there is problem with the hydraulic hoses for the convertible top that are located inside of the engine compartment which, because of engine heat, can lead to fluid leakage and that fluids can leak to the engine and cause fire!

So if you are an owner of a 2005 to 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider make sure you visit your local dealer where they will install protective heat shields over the troubled parts free of charge of course.

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