/2009 VW Golf GTI and BiFuel

2009 VW Golf GTI and BiFuel

golf gti 2009 at 2009 VW Golf GTI and BiFuel

Two new variants of the VW Golf are now available to the market, the undisputed king of hot hatch backs Golf GTI which starts at 26,650 Euros and the economy minded Golf BiFuel from 21,150 Euros.

The 2009 Golf GTI features a 2.0 liter TFSI engine with 210 hp and 280 nm of torque, which might seem a bit weak in comparison to its rivals but there are good excuses for that. First of all, VW does not want the GTI rivaling its bigger brother the R32, and second fuel economy. The GTI with this engine will easily do 240 km/h while the average fuel consumption is 7.5 liter per 100 kilometers. If you really wanna enjoy this car you gotta have it with DSG transmission but it will cost you an extra 2125 Euros.

golf bifeul at 2009 VW Golf GTI and BiFuel

Golf BiFuel

Probably a clever way to make greener cars is the Bifuel solution. A normal petrol engine for times you wanna thrash it, and a gas powered one for the saving time. This Bifuel Golf costs 2500 Euros more than the petrol burning equivalent while offering less power, 98 hp, but the money you lose here will be back at the other end because this car has extremely low fuel costs. Fill up both gasoline and LPG tanks and you can cover more than 1100 miles non-stop!  LPG also produces much less CO2 emissions .

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