/2010 Mercedes S63 & S65 AMG official trailer

2010 Mercedes S63 & S65 AMG official trailer

You probably can’t do better than these two big fellas if you are looking for the perfect car! These cars are four-door saloons with every imaginable luxury and safety equipments and are powered by massive engines which can leave every modern supercar in a deep shame! These are Mercedes S63 AMG and S65 AMG super sedans, now on video!

Mercedes S63 AMG is a beast really with that magnificent 6.2  liter V8 under the bonnet developing 552 hp, but if that’s not enough for you somehow, choose S65 AMG which cost about 50 grand more, but is truly the ultimate car for the ultimate person! It is powered by a bi-turbo V12 which kicks out 612 hp! Unlike the S63 which sounds like a wounded lion, the S65 is not a naughty car. It’s much more discreet and Gentlemenish! So, your choice!

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