/Renderings: 2010 Mercedes Benz B-Class facelift

Renderings: 2010 Mercedes Benz B-Class facelift

merceeds b class renders 1 at Renderings: 2010 Mercedes Benz B Class facelift

The first generation of Mercedes Benz B-Class introduced in 2005 never lived up to expectations really despite its great potentials, mainly because this segment is filled with other brands offering much more excitement for much less money! and the fact that Mercedes build quality was appalling those days. But they are working on a new one and it’s a whole new kettle of fish!

As you see from these renderings by Infomotori, the new B-class is much more focused on the styling than practicality and that’s a good thing because the mini MPV cars are typically boring and not so good to look at, so this car can bring some elegance to this segment if it comes with this looks. You actually can’t call it a MPV, it looks much more grown up and can be classified in the same category as high-end hatchbacks. Then it makes even more sense because BMW is redesigning the 1-series and there is also the Audi A3 which can be considered as a direct rival to the B-class. Another fine car which will be introduced to the market about the same time as the Mercedes, is the new Alfa Romeo Milano. So the heat is high in this field!

Like its predecessor the new B-class be available in both three and four door formats but there is more to it because its newly developed platform will also spawn other variants such as a coupe and a convertible and also the BLS, a sort of small four-door coupe we talked about earlier.

merceeds b class renders 2 at Renderings: 2010 Mercedes Benz B Class facelift

merceeds b class renders 3 at Renderings: 2010 Mercedes Benz B Class facelift

source: Infomotori

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