/KW modifies Dodge Challenger

KW modifies Dodge Challenger

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To improve the weaknesses in taking bends“! That’s how German suspension specialist KW explains their sudden act to modify this mighty Dodge Challenger SRT HEMI. And given their expertize, the result must be one helluva car! Check out the package: Challenger killer looks, fast in straight line and fast through the corners, what else do you want?!

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Of course KW gives you more! Their magic drops car from 1 to 5 mm. That alone improves the handling significantly. Then there is HRE massive 22 inch wheels which are covered with 265/35 ZR rubber at front and 295/30 ZR at the back, assuring maximum grip. But one thing let the whole car down and that’s those ridiculous LSD doors. Who thought that’s a good idea to put them on a Challenger?!

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KW also has fiddled with the car’s 425 hp V8 engine. It’s not a heavy treatment at all. They’ve installed a K&N sport air filter and Magnaflow exhaust system with four 3.5 inch tailpipes, giving Challenger a magnificent roar.

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Press Release:

Only a few are left. The changed spirit of time and the crisis of the American car manufacturers diminish the number of classical muscle cars. The Dodge Challenger belongs to this minority. With its brawny shapes, the edged radiator grill and an engine with an enormous cubic capacity, the car is a real American. But this also applies for its road holding. The running gear specialist KW helps to improve the weaknesses in taking bends. With high-quality components, KW makes the Challenger unique and at the same time preserves the character of the American.

425 hp (313 kW) – that is the power behind the 6.1-litre SRT HEMI V8-engine. Thus, the road cruiser has enough propulsion. Therefore, KW has not concentrated on the engine performance apart from fitting a K&N sport air filter and a completely new exhaust system. But when it comes to its road holding characteristics in bends, KW has performed many changes. The running gear specialist from Fichtenberg in Germany fits its running gear Variant 1 in the stainless steel version inox line. The factory-made damping is optimally adjusted to the Challenger SRT8 and renders the perfect balance between sporty and tense adjustment and enough remaining comfort. The running gear is approved by the Technical Control Board and is equipped with an operating license and offers a lowering area from 10 to 50 millimeters on both axles. The stainless steel casing guarantees that the components inside remain continuously flexible even when they are strained more in winter.

In order to make the ideal use out of the new running gear and its perfected road holding, KW co-operated with the high-class manufactory HRE Wheels. The manufacturer equips the Challenger with forged light-alloy wheels HRE 995R in brushed aluminum which shine in a satin black rim well. With their three-part construction, the wheels not only impress with their striking appearance, but also with their premium manufacture. They are available in the dimensions 10×22 inches at the front- and 11×22 inches at the back axle. The applied high-performance wheels Dunlop SP Sport Maxx in 265/35 ZR 22 at the front and 295/30 ZR 22 at the back render the best possible grip.

The exhaust system by Magnaflow renders the right sound for the sporty appearance. The 18-inch prime pipe branches into a two-pipe system and powerfully roars at the back with four polished 3.5-inch end pipes.

But running gear, wheels and sound were not enough for kW. Therefore, the doors of the refined Dodge Challenger can be opened upwards thanks to LSD-hinges. The adjustable Guided Roller System (GRS) renders safety and precision when opening and closing the doors. Moreover, the LSD-hinges have proved in side crash tests that they offer the same safety as the original doors. The gull-wing doors add the finishing touches to the American car and complete the unique refinement.

It was not an easy task for KW to remodel the Dodge Challenger. The aim was to perfect a classic car of the American Way of Life without reducing the myth of the muscle car. This balance has been perfectly accomplished by the running gear manufacturer.

For more information about the wide variety of products by KW automotive GmbH including running gear springs, dampers, sport running gears, coilovers as well as application lists, please visit the web site www.KWsuspensions.com.

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