/Mercedes G-Class 6×6 for Australian army

Mercedes G-Class 6×6 for Australian army

Mercedes Gclass 6x6 1 at Mercedes G Class 6x6 for Australian army

Mercedes Benz G-Class was born initially as a military vehicle based on an order from the Shah of Persia back in 1970. And it just happened to become a civilian  vehicle a decade later. But no matter what clothes it wears, it looks and works just right wherever it goes. Now though it’s going back to its roots by this fabulous 6×6 version made for the Australian army.

In the first phase they will make only 1200 units of this three-axeled 6.5 tons monster but another 1000 units may be added later. Half of these cars are specially designed to accommodate up to 9 passengers with heavy luggage, the perfect tool for missions including unit transportation. The other half are long wheelbase 461 series with a huge cargo area which is 3.2 meters long and can carry stuffs up to nine tons. Mercedes G-Class 6×6 is painted in sand beige and looks truly striking.

As mentioned earlier, the man who commissioned the G-Class project in the first place was the Shah of Persia who was a major shareholder of Daimler at the time. He ordered 20,000 of this tough vehicles to modernize his army but he never fulfilled this dream because of the Iranian revolution which made him leave the country, so the cars were never delivered. But now the Gelandewagen is in military service in 34 different countries.

This car has a certain charm, some sort of magic which makes it so brilliant. It is as fantastic in the hills of Beverly as it is in the mud and dirt in Down Under! And it has great celebrity endorsement as well. Brad Pitt got one, it says it all! Richard Hammond of Top Gear once tested the big G and called it “The coolest car in the world”. I think he’s right!

And I think we owe a big thank you to the late Shah of Persia for giving the world this fantastic car!

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