/Video: Production ready Citroen GT Concept

Video: Production ready Citroen GT Concept

Citroen’s fancy supercar is turning from just a childish dream to an actual car which will be produced in limited numbers in near future. Estimated price for each GT is about $1.8 million which sounds a bit unfair given the car’s customer base who are a bunch of six year old boys! Don’t despair though if you cannot afford it, you can still have a go in a Citroen GT in Gran Turismo 5 video game!

The concept car is powered by fuel cell and some fancy electric motors which can put out a combined power of 780hp, but this powerplant is not very suitable for the real world, so instead it might get a Ford or GM derived V8 with over 500hp. Taking into account that there is no boundaries in designing and developing such crazy cars, the production GT might get some insane innovations never seen in any car before. It’s a Citroen don’t forget, even their ordinary cars are not that ordinary!

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