/Electric Mercedes SLS eDrive for 2015

Electric Mercedes SLS eDrive for 2015

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric at Electric Mercedes SLS eDrive for 2015

The world is still waiting to catch a first glimpse of the Mercedes SLS AMG supercar as the news emerge about an electric version due in 2015. Apparently the SLS eDrive is a plug-in electric car and will be built upon a heavily modified version of  the SLS’s platform.

According to Autocar, the electric SLS will be powered by 4 electric motors, each spinning one of the wheels and each has 98 KW (133hp). So basically the car is a four-wheel-drive and has a combined power of 392kW (532bhp) and 649lb (880nm) of torque. The normal petrol-powered SLS has 571 hp and 650nm. This powertrain is actually very clever and sends more power to the wheel with better traction, so it would handle like a dream!

On the down side, they have to dismiss the car’s double wishbone suspension setup at front to make enough space for putting those electromotors on the front axle. The SLS eDrive would use horizontally mounted coilover dampers instead.

Mercedes SLS is a performance car and it has a lot of power, so the real challenge here is to get good range from those electric motors. To achieve that engineers gonna have to pack it with batteries, typically they are placed at the bottom of the car but Mercedes is going to use the space behind the seats as well to add even more batteries! All these will add up weight, and even if they cure its effect on speed with lots of power, the handling is still is a matter of concern.

Since Tesla proved that you can go fast with electric powered cars, a kind of competition has started between car manufacturer to make the fastest one. And this should be a good try by Mercedes to dominate this market. Specially as they have bought 10 percent of Tesla Motors recently.

It’s all very brilliant, fast and green cars are most welcome everywhere. BUT, for true petrolheads nothing can replace the roar of a rumbling V8!!! That’s what we want, a massive supercharged gas guzzler which uselessly burn the fuel on the overrun for fun 😉

source: Autocar

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