/Citroen DS3 hits the market next Spring

Citroen DS3 hits the market next Spring

Citroen DS3 1 at Citroen DS3 hits the market next Spring

Yes the Citroen DS3 is actually going to be produced and good news is that it is almost the same as the concept model. DS3 should be the funkiest car ever in the automotive history! It’s a kinda design you never get tired of. Citroen is very good at this sorta things, remember the original DS?! In fact every time they tried to make an ordinary car it was rubbish, but their crazy models are all fantastic! Because they are like nothing else.

This car is full of emotions! It actually takes a long film or a novel to explain it all, but Citroen has summarized what DS3 is all about in a not so short passage for us! So keep reading, you might get the picture…

Citroen DS3 2 at Citroen DS3 hits the market next Spring

The DS3 is an assertive vehicle with radical good looks that customers can personalise with a broad range of styling components. A breath of fresh air and modernity, the newcomer’s dynamic on-road performance successfully blends efficiency and peace of mind, while the intelligence of its design makes for a modular car that adapts to all situations.

With its sculptural styling and striking lines, the DS3 exudes enormous appeal. It is a truly distinctive vehicle with a strong personality built on original creations including a ‘floating’ roof, a ‘shark fin’ that lends vigour to the waistline, and recesses on the nose housing LED lights.

A concentrate of energy, the DS3 also features a unique onboard atmosphere where elegance and technology meet and marks of quality abound. The sophisticated instrumentation – with three conical dials on the cluster – driver-focused commands, low-set driving position and body-hugging seats lend a cockpit feel. Chrome trim further enhances the overall sense of vitality with luxury and distinction.

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The DS3 is also a stand-out on the road, combining driving pleasure and everyday ease of use. Nimble and energetic, the DS3 brings the driver “closer” to the road for effortless cornering. For Vincent Besson, Director of Products and Markets Strategy at PSA, “driving the DS3 is like having the wheels at your fingertips”. The DS3’s on-road assurance gives it crisp reactions and top-level control and safety. And travelling comfort sets a new standard in the segment.

The newcomer’s CO2 emissions are fully in line with CITROËN’S environmental leadership, coming in as low as 99 g/km. It will ship with a choice of five carbon-efficient Euro V engines:

  • 2 HDi DPFS units developing 110 bhp and 90 bhp,
  • 3 petrol engines with the THP 150, VTi 120 and VTi 95.

CITROËN also made remarkable efforts to keep the weight of the DS3 to a strict minimum, while using a new development plan to ensure robustness. Manufactured in France at the Poissy plant, it benefits from all of PSA’s production system approaches, for exemplary overall quality.

Another innovative aspect of the DS3 is that its sleek body styling disguises an impressively versatile hatchback. It gets the most out of its exterior dimensions (3.95 m long, 1.71 m wide and 1.46 high) through particularly intelligent architecture. For example, the dashboard is set high up to increase leg room and the slim-back seats and estate car-style rear design free up room in the back. These design feats bring customers five real seats, extensive stowage space (including a 13-litre glove box) and a capacious boot (285 l) with a modular, 60:40 split-fold rear bench.


Stirring desire

  • Unique personality that appeals with original styling
  • Distinctive atmosphere through extreme attention to detail, with premium materials
  • Broad and innovative personalisation range, with diverse components and seven original personalisation schemes

Feeling the road

  • Road manners mixing pleasure and control with classic CITROËN ride comfort
  • Environmental credentials in line with CITROËN’s leadership in the field: a 99 g/km version and remarkable work on weight control
  • Taming the road with ESP and six standardfit airbags
  • Irreproachable reliability: robust design process and production in France at the Poissy site

Making everyday life a charm

  • The first supermini to do elegant and practical at the same time: 5 real seats, a huge boot (285 l) and a 60:40 splitfold bench
  • CITROËN creativity ensuring a total sensory experience, with acoustic comfort worthy of superior segments
  • A range of DS linededicated services, CITROËN FREEDRIVE, to satisfy the most demanding customers

Citroen DS3 4 at Citroen DS3 hits the market next Spring

The CITROËN DS3 styling team worked with three keywords in mind: surprise, appeal and vitality. The result of their labours is a muscular yet sensual body, compact, dynamic and nuanced by refined chrome trim. This is an expressive object that stirs the desire to travel.

Creativity inhabits each feature of the DS3, witnessed first of all in the floating roof and the B pillar “shark fin” effect. The pure lines of the DS3 exude pleasure and appeal: the dynamic front end suggests allnew driving sensations and the estate carstyle rear promises a spacious cabin, while the exquisite finish of each part of the body brings a premium feel to the whole. The styling is radical, with LEDs nestled in the side recesses on the front end. Sitting squarely on its wheels, the DS3 also has a reassuring look.

This same singular impression of measured energy and elegance also applies inside, where each part is elegantly cut and integrated, and assembled with extreme attention to detail. The ‘aerial’ upper part of the flowing dashboard echoes the floating roof. The overall horizontal aspect is enhanced by a strip running the entire width of the dashboard, from front passenger to driver. The driving position is cockpitinspired, with all displays and driving controls within easy reach of the driver. The instrument cluster, with three conical dials, together with the smalldiameter wheel and lowslung, bodyhugging seats together convey an emphatic sporty character.

Distinctive atmosphere

The premium atmosphere onboard the DS3 is enhanced by luxury materials worked in a harmonious whole.

Each piece of material charms the eye and feels good to the touch:

  • Thermocoated components such as the dashboard top are finished in an organic, soft grain that contrasts with the smooth, lacquered effect of the dashboard strip.
  • The upholstery is equally prestigious, with finely overstitched leather available in three colours rounding out a range of refined, contemporary fabrics.
  • Some components are highlighted with generous chrome trim, including the DS badge on the steering wheel and button surrounds. Depending on trim level, some of the chrome work is satinfinished, combining the brilliance and richness of the material with the purity and elegance of the colour. These features embody a certain idea of Frenchstyle luxury.

Bespoke motoring

The aesthetics of the DS3 are available in a multitude of possibilities. The range of colours and materials and the variety of combinations bring a touch of modernity to the segment.

According to the customer’s wishes:

  • the roof can be painted in four colours that contrast with the rest of the body: Onyx black, Opale white, Botticelli blue and Carmen rouge;
  • rearview mirror housings and door sills can be clothed in colour or chrome;
  • wheels and wheel centres ship in a nearinfinite range of colours.
  • Inside, the dashboard strip – encompassing air vents, instrument cluster surround and multifunction screens – is the largest designscheme component and comes in a choice of 8 finishes.
  • The gearstick knob ships in seven different trims, blending satinfinish chrome with the brilliance of the colour and leather.

Customers can choose from all these different designscheme components to make their own unique vehicle. And in a symbolic touch, the key plip features a disc in the same colour as the body paint, so that people always have a little piece of their DS3 on them!

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