/2010 Volvo C70 Facelift unveiled

2010 Volvo C70 Facelift unveiled

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Well, here’s a proof that Volvo can actually make a cool car! In fact the C70 has always been a nice car since it was born and now Volvo introduces the brand new 2010 model, which will make its debut at the IAA this month. The car has been facelifted in a good way and comes with new features and engines which are more powerful and cleaner than ever. However we and our readers are not excited because we’ve seen the C70’s new face before through these spy pictures.

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The front of the new C70 takes inspiration from the S60 Concept that was unveiled in early 2009, thereby making the C70 more closely aligned with the design language of the larger cars in the Volvo range. The refresh extends beyond plastic components as the front wings have been redesigned to give the nose a more distinct wedge-shape. There are new headlamps which now have a more pronounced upward orientation, whilst more detail has been added around the fog lamps and the lower grille.

The exclusive high-tech LED lamps, of the same type as found on the Volvo XC60, are the most noticeable update at the rear. The entire lamp unit is clearly integrated with the oval that frames the new Volvo C70’s rear panel. As at the front, new lines and details in the bumper and elsewhere have been integrated to emphasise the depth and dynamism of the design language.

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The new Volvo C70 has been engineered as one of the safest convertibles on the market, as regards both preventive and protective safety. The car has an advanced body structure and several solutions that are unique in the world of open cars. The lack of a fixed roof has been compensated by structural reinforcements and sophisticated technology.

Facts about the roof of the Volvo C70:

  • The car has to be at a standstill when the roof is raised or lowered
  • The car only needs 2 metres of free vertical space when the roof is raised or lowered
  • There is no need for extra space behind the car while the roof is being raised or lowered
  • The roof takes about 30 seconds to open/shut (irrespective of climate)
  • An electric motor, hydraulic pump and computer are used to open and shut the roof
  • The boot lid has two opening modes: for handling of the roof or to provide access to the luggage compartment
  • The roof is divided into three sections
  • The roof panels are made of steel
  • The seams between the sections are sealed with rubber
  • The side windows slide up against the roof rail after roof closes.
  • The boot lid is made of aluminium and steel
  • The body’s torsional rigidity improves by about 15 percent when the roof is raised

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2010 Volvo C70 engines range:

Petrol engines

  • T5
    • Power output: 230 hp/320 Nm
    • Fuel consumption: 8.9 l/100 km
    • CO2: 209 g/km
  • 2.4i
    • Power output: 170 hp/230 Nm
    • Fuel consumption: 9.0 l/100 km
    • CO2: 215 g/km
  • 2.4
    • Power output: 140 hp/220 Nm
    • Fuel consumption: 8.9 l/100 km
    • CO2: 212 g/km

Diesel engines

  • D5
    • Power output: 180 hp/400 Nm
    • Fuel consumption: 6.6 l/100 km
    • CO2: 174 g/km
  • 2.0D
    • Power output: 136 hp/320 Nm
    • Fuel consumption: 6.0 l/100 km
    • CO2: 158 g/km

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The interior has been updated in several respects to create a unique ambience in the Volvo C70. The instrument panel has been redesigned, giving it a wider, sleeker look and the surface of the panel has a new texture that enhances the feeling of quality.The exclusive new instruments, with gauges and graphics specific to the Volvo C70, are yet another example of how the car’s premium feel has been emphasised still further.

“We’ve focused the new interior features around the driver to give the owner a stronger perception of being rewarded behind the wheel. The seats are upholstered in a new type of soft hide and there is even better detail finish to make driving a more pleasurable experience than ever before,” continues Fedde Talsma.

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