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Back Up Alert

Accidents do happen. But you can increase your chances of avoiding it by taking each and every precaution available. You honk at pedestrians, signal at every turn and drive within the speed limit. But that is still not enough.

Back Up Alert at Back Up Alert

What if you back up out of the garage in a hurry one day without seeing your Six year old kid parking his bike behind your car? Or just imagine running over your sleeping dog while backing up.

Now, don’t lose sleep over what ifs. Be certain with a back up alert. Back up alert is a combination of sound and light alert. Each time you reverse your car, back up alert sets of a combination of a beeping sound and a powerful halogen light. Now, children, pets and oncoming vehicles are given ample time and warning that you are backing up the driveway or the parking lot. Back up alert is just the right warning gadget against petty accidents.

(Journalist) – Jorge is a Portuguese tech auto journalist and is responsible for our gadgets section. He joined our team in September 2009.