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BMW X6 active hybrid at BMW X6 ActiveHybrid

BMW is taking its EfficientDynamics program to the next level by introducing the advanced ActiveHybrid system for the BMW X6 sport activity vehicle. It is the first vehicle of this type to be equipped with a full hybrid power train. The X6 AH can run solely on the electric power, its gasoline engine or a combination of both. In electric mode which is best for city driving,  the top speed of vehicle is limited to 60 km/h or 37 mph. The combustion engine is also intelligent and can engage when necessary and then switch-off automatically in speed of less than 65 km/h or 40 mph.

The ActiveHybrid system that BMW has put in the X6 consists of a twin turbo V8 with 300 kW/407 hp and and two electric motors developing 67 kW/91 hp and, respectively, 63 kW/86 hp. Maximum system output is 357 kW/485 hp, peak torque is 780 Newton-metres/575 lb-ft. These are astonishing numbers for a hybrid car, and it gets better when you know that the average fuel consumption of it is only 9.9 litres/100 km (equivalent to 28.5 mpg) with 231 grams/kilometer Co2 emission. We are talking about a big sporty 4×4 car don’t forget!

With this much power, obviously, there is no compromise in terms of performance. X6 ActiveHybrid accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 5.6 seconds, after all it’s the most powerful hybrid car in the world!

Integration of the two electric motors in the two-mode active transmission of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 allows two self-sufficient modes of operation. One mode is for setting off in particularly dynamic style and for driving at low speeds, the second is for driving at a higher speeds under optimum conditions. This ensures all the benefits of BMW ActiveHybrid technology, with maximum efficiency under all loads and at all speeds. At the same time the seven-speed automatic transmission provided by the electric motors together with three planetary gearsets and four multiple-plate clutches ensures all the supreme driving behaviour, smoothness and performance so typical of BMW.

The car also has a braking energy recovery system which in essence, uses the wasted energy of braking procedure to recharge the batteries that feed the electric motors. X6’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system is also refined to spread the power between four wheels more efficiently.

BMW X6 active hybrid 1 at BMW X6 ActiveHybrid

So, basically what we have here is kinda the most perfect car in the world! It’s a BMW so it has a cool badge, it’s a handsome car, it is very powerful, quit spacious, it’s tall yet sporty, it has a stylish coupe form but with four doors… and it’s become also environmentally friendly! What else could you possibly want from a car?!

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