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There are people who just can’t help having more than 1 car. That is okay if you have a garage where you could park it in and keep it in good condition. But most car owners have no choice and park it outside where the elements can damage it slowly and gradually.

Car covers at Car Covers

Early car covers were just too large and cumbersome and most fly away with the wind. Today’s car covers are tough and made of weather resistant materials like polycotton, terry cotton, dustup and tan flannel. There are indoor car covers which protect the car in harsh weather conditions and outdoor car covers which protect your car against dents, scratches or dust. They come in different colors, sizes, and thickness of material. Some car covers have a general length and width which fits most types of cars with straps to fasten it securely around the vehicle.

For a snugger fit, car covers are now available for the exact type and model of your car so you can ensure your car gets the best protection indoors and outdoors.

(Journalist) – Jorge is a Portuguese tech auto journalist and is responsible for our gadgets section. He joined our team in September 2009.