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Car Refrigerator

Bottled water, in-can soft drink or beer, fruit juice and fruits are best when cold. We love them fresh and crisp out of the fridge whether in the kitchen or in the car. Yes, you got it right, its cold and crisp right out of the fridge in your car. This definitely is one of the coolest innovations ever, next to the air con of course.

Car refrigerator at Car Refrigerator

But that’s not all yet. This cool car refrigerator has an added feature. It uses a certain refrigeration technique that allows the user to set the car refrigerator in such a way that one compartment is cold while the other is hot. How’s that for versatility and universality? Hot coffee for the driver, cold beer for his travel buddies. It’s as if you never left home at all.

In this time and age, almost everything smaller is deemed cooler and hotter. Even the good old fridge has been downsized to fit in your car. Indeed, it’s a small world after all.

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