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Can’t leave the TV until the episode of your favorite series is over? Do you hate having to choose between punctuality to a dinner meeting and your favorite TV show, because you know you would gladly choose the latter?

Car TV at Car TV

Car TV technology has just gone to the next level with the availability of live DirectTV programming. Even when you are on the move, you can watch your favorite TV shows with the same quality as if you were watching from your favorite chair in the living room.

Now, you no longer have to drag yourself away from the TV and to your car. You just switch on that car TV and continue watching (or hearing) your favorite show that you have had started viewing while driving.

Finally, traveling with kids across the state is no longer a problem because they get to enjoy their favorite kiddie cartoon shows while on the road. It is a must-have for families always on the move and love going outdoors on a hiking trip or picnic.

(Journalist) – Jorge is a Portuguese tech auto journalist and is responsible for our gadgets section. He joined our team in September 2009.