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Driving LED Emoticon

Man is a social animal. In fact, we are very social to such extent that we even smile, frown, or raise our brow with other car driver and passenger while on the road on a flick. This mode of non-verbal communication express more thought than a monologue.

Driving LED emoticon at Driving LED Emoticon

If you have done any of the mentioned “signals” above, then consider the driving LED emoticon. It gives the most basic human need to communicate a touch of modern technology.

It is a wireless, battery-powered and remote-controlled gadget that you could program with up to five figure messages. You could mount it on your car’s windows with its own suction cups and communicate with practically everyone on the lane.

You can tell the driver behind you that you are happy, sad, confused or angry. The preset “icons” light up with just a press of a button. Better yet, you could even mount one on the roof and give the helicopter-riding eye-in-the-sky reporter a smile to make his day.

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