/Finding a Car Delivery Service

Finding a Car Delivery Service

When you need a car delivery service, you never know quite where to look. The best thing to do is search the yellow pages to find car transporters. In some areas, you are going to find a long list of these types of companies, but you do not want to choose the first one you see. You have to take some time to find out what the company offers for shipping methods and the cost as well as the reputation of the company. You do not want to trust your shipment to the first company you see. There are some things to check before you choose which company to use.

Car Delivery Service at Finding a Car Delivery Service


Reputation is the first thing you want to check, and then you have checked the cost, equipment and method. If the company does not have a highly regarded reputation, you do not want to ship your vehicle with that company. You can ask for references and call the Department of Transportation, which keeps files on all licensed shipping companies. If the car delivery service has a license, the DOT will have a file on the company. If any complaints are filed, this is where you will find out that information. After the companies pass this test, you can then check the method and inspect the equipment.

Checking the Shipping Method and Equipment

Check with the car delivery service to see what type of shipping method that they use. Then you should inspect the equipment to make sure it looks sound for travel. You can check a few different companies, because the next thing you want to do is check the cost and time it will take for the shipment to arrive at its destination. After you have inspected the equipment and have a few companies in mind, you can then discuss the cost of shipping.

Cost of Shipping

Check with each car delivery service to see what method of shipment you could use and how much it will cost. Make sure to ask questions about any costs that may occur that are not listed on the contract. You do not want to sign a contract for a specific cost and fine out later that there are some hidden costs associated with the shipping upon arrival. Make sure that you have everything in writing and that the cost is what you can afford. After you have this information, you can decide which company to use for shipping your vehicle.

Before you decide what car delivery service to use, you have to do some checking to make sure that the company is reputable and can give you the lowest cost. You should never take the first company you see because you want to compare and make sure that the equipment is up to standards. Take your time and find out all the necessary information before you decide on a car transport company. In the end, you will be happy that you did. Your shipment is important and it takes time to find the right company.

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