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Mud Flaps

Whether you are just driving down the city or down the countryside there’s bound to be some punishment to your car. Some of this could be seen on the under chassis and the sides of your. Thus your car needs protection from the mud, debris or water that your wheels churn up.

 at Mud Flaps

Mud flaps used to be simple designs and were not really made of tough materials. They were mostly rubber and wore drab colors, usually gray or black. Today’s mud flaps have evolved and even have some aerodynamic role. The design is sleek, sophisticated, and with different types of colors and designs to choose from. The materials nowadays are sturdier and most importantly they are easy to maintain and clean. Some are easy to install and remove in case you need to clean it up for hard sticking debris. Mud flaps can be racy, sporty or even have logo designs to match your car’s complete exterior look.

(Journalist) – Jorge is a Portuguese tech auto journalist and is responsible for our gadgets section. He joined our team in September 2009.