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Ragtops and Sunroofs

Want to drive under the moon and stars but could not get a thousand-dollar convertible? Want the warmth of the sun on your face and the wind in your hair but could not drive a car without its dependable hard and solid frame? Then ragtops and sunroofs are definitely for you to try and actually enjoy.

Sunroofs at Ragtops and Sunroofs

Ragtops and sunroofs can be fashioned into any type of vehicle. The most common materials for ragtops are canvas and vinyl. But with a little imagination and a very reliable shop, you could come up with something better with something else. Just work your way around the basic concept of a vehicle with a soft top but with complete solid frame.

Sunroofs, on the other hand, are made of safety glass. You can slide it open and let the gentle wind caress your face. But when you are not in the mood for that windblown-hair look, you can keep it closed and just let the sunshine in through the glass material.

Ragtops and sunroofs can effortlessly light up your day and blow your worries away.

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