/Removable Truck Step

Removable Truck Step

If your car has a cargo rack on top, then you definitely have had a lot of reaching and stretching exercises just trying to stow your precious cargo on top of your car. But that is simply a lot of unnecessary stretching and you are risking a slip disk. Why not save the stretching during exercise.

Removable Truck Step at Removable Truck Step

A removable step is always a handy gadget to carry around in your car. It is lightweight and so small in can even fit in your toolbox. It is also very easy to install and remove.

But do not let the appearance fool you. The removable step is no pushover, and definitely not a wallflower. The removable step is actually very strong and durable. It is very safe to use because it fits snugly and the surface is slip resistant to ensure safety even when wet.

Now you don’t have to fret loading that surfboard or that long bow ski. Take out the step and you can arrange your load easily.

(Journalist) – Jorge is a Portuguese tech auto journalist and is responsible for our gadgets section. He joined our team in September 2009.