/Tail Lights / Third Brake Lights / Cornering Lights

Tail Lights / Third Brake Lights / Cornering Lights

Stock cars come with their own tail light usually color coded to match the body of the car. Car enthusiasts go one step further. They dress up their car which includes the tail lights and other lights variation.

Third brake lights at Tail Lights / Third Brake Lights / Cornering Lights

Tail lights come in a variety of sizes, colors and design. There are sporty tail lights, serious and classy looking tail lights, and the bulbs that you presently have on your car can be used. The tail light designs usually match the design concept of the headlights and other lights like the cornering lights and the third brake light.

Cornering lights are either placed on the front just off the hood, and on the side of the car’s bumpers, front and rear. It allows the driver to gauge his free space when parking or driving in traffic.

Third brake lights are set at eye level and found inside the car facing the rear. Both lights are functional yet add class and sophistication to the car’s design.

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