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Ventvisor Deflector

Ventvisor deflectors are not just for show-off or style. It is actually a very functional car accessory. The fact that the car will look chic after installing the ventvisor deflectors is just an added bonus.

Ventvisor Deflector at Ventvisor Deflector

Ventvisor deflectors are easy to install and made of materials that makes it flexible enough to follow the car window’s shape and curves. It comes in colors that complement common car colors too, but you could also have it custom-made to actually match your car’s new solid tangerine paint.

The Ventvisor deflectors allow air (fresh if you are in the countryside, never mind its composition if you are in the city) to flow freely through your car without the wind howling through your ear. When it rains, you can open the window for an inch or two to prevent window fogging while the ventvisor deflector keeps the rain out of the car. In other words, Ventvisor deflector allows you to roll down the window to let air in without actually opening your car to rain, dust, wind, snow and even bugs.

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