/McMerc SLR is becoming history!

McMerc SLR is becoming history!

Mercedes Benz SLR Family 1 at McMerc SLR is becoming history!

Today Mercedes released a press note announcing that they are building the very last examples of the McLaren Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss edition, and after that the car’s era will come to an end and the SLR badge will be history.  The new Mercedes SLS will be its replacement as the firm’s supercar. I think it’s fair to say that the McMerc SLR had a huge impact on the automotive world during its time, and will remain in automobile history book as one of the all time greatest.

SLR story began in beginning of this century! But it was in 2004 that finally the Vision SLR concept becomes a reality in form of a super-sport super-lux GT car. It was the first full fledged supercar which could be used everyday. It had all the standards of a luxury coupe but with the colossal power of that supercharged AMG V8 under the bonnet it also was insanely fast! It was also such a perfect car, that no one could really come up with a serious flaw in it!

Sure the plastic interior was a bit irritating in the first models, but they addressed it in the next editions, and there was a bit of an argument about the car’s ceramic brakes which are said to be numb and senseless, but as Jeremy Clarkson proved in one of the old top Gear episodes, they can stop you from 120mph in the same distance that a normal car should be able to stop from 60mph! so they were bloody good!

Mercedes Benz SLR Family 2 at McMerc SLR is becoming history!

SLR, which by the way stands for “sporty”, “light” and “raceworthy”, has a family with 5 members: SLR,SLR Roadster,SLR 722,SLR 722 S Roadstser and the limited special edition SLR Stirling Moss. The SLR Moss limited to only 75 units, is actually a perfect swan song for this mighty supercar.

Overall 2000 SLR models have been produced – substantially more than any other sports car in this elite category. An SLR also represents a membership ticket to the SLR. CLUB. The spirit of the SLR will live on in this exclusive community of gentleman-drivers even after production ceases.

Mercedes Benz SLR Family 3 at McMerc SLR is becoming history!

The SLR spirit lives on

The SLR project was conceived for a limited period, and as a limited edition, from the very start, and is now coming to a magnificent, entirely fitting end with the SLR Stirling Moss. The SLR spirit lives on, however, and will be perpetuated by the enthusiastic members of the SLR. CLUB. In addition to a passion for driving, the members of this exclusive community of gentleman-drivers, all of whom have an SLR model in their garages, share a discerning, sophisticated lifestyle and the enjoyment of encounters with like-minded enthusiasts. The high-quality event calendar of the SLR. CLUB includes driving events on the most demanding race circuits, participation in the Mille Miglia and tours covering the most picturesque routes in Europe. Individual, long-term backup and care at the very highest level for SLR. CLUB members is assured by dedicated Mercedes-Benz personnel well beyond the end of production.

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