/MyFord Touch turns your car into an Iphone!

MyFord Touch turns your car into an Iphone!

ford mytouch 1 at MyFord Touch turns your car into an Iphone!

Ford has released info on their new MyFord Touch driver’s interface system which is the new generation of their SYNC system. Now this system is so advanced that can tempt geeks to buy the whole car just to get it! With two 4.2-inch color display as speedo and an 8-inch touch-screen in-dash LCD, not only it controls the car’s equipments, it does everything your Iphone does! It even has voice recognition.

It’s all very nice, but will it be user friendly or will it be like BMW’s i-Drive and you have be  either a teenager or a  full-on nerd with a master degree in computer science from MIT to understand it?! Read on for more info…

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Press Release:

The new MyFord Touch driver connect technology announced today at the 2010 International CES is designed to be powerful yet intuitive for drivers, blending strengths of the most proven interfaces in consumer electronics – including MP3 players and mobile phones – with a new generation of Ford’s award-winning SYNC system.

“MyFord Touch, combined with new SYNC functionality, creates an experience that will cause people to fall in love with their vehicles again,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “It’s not just a technology; it’s an experience – one we hope will have people across the globe looking forward to spending time behind the wheel of their vehicle.”

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MyFord, which will be branded MyLincoln Touch and MyMercury Touch on respective Lincoln and Mercury brand products, redesigns the in-car interface, mirroring how consumers interact with most devices in their lives: touch-sensitive buttons, touch screens, thumb-wheel controls and voice recognition.

In that respect, MyFord is instantly familiar. Using reconfigurable displays and simplified voice commands, though, MyFord also can present multiple layers of information, just as the driver wants it.

MyFord Touch retains the traditional interior layout that has existed for decades – instrument cluster in front of the driver, center stack dividing the dashboard – and adds even more voice control plus full-color LCD screens for much of the visual information presentation. The information presented is customizable by the driver using a combination of voice controls, touch-screen technology and five-way cell phone-style buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

Two 4.2-inch full-color LCD screens flank an analog speedometer, and an 8-inch touch-screen LCD resides at the top of the center stack. A five-way switch on each side of the steering wheel crossbar – similar to that found on most mobile phones and MP3 players – controls the information displayed on the corresponding instrument panel screens.

ford mytouch 3 at MyFord Touch turns your car into an Iphone!

The 8-inch touch-screen center stack display is the key interface on MyFord Touch. Designers employed a four-corner solution for its layout, representing the four activities most important to customers: phone, navigation, climate and audio/entertainment functions.

With the four-corner layout, functions are where they’re expected to be, and they’re always visible on the screen, so it’s clear and easy for users to understand where they are in the system.

Color is also used to give drivers intuitive visual cues between the central 8-inch MyFord Touch display and the instrument panel-mounted 4.2-inch display.

ford mytouch 4 at MyFord Touch turns your car into an Iphone!

Behind the displays of MyFord Touch driver connect technology, the next generation of Ford’s award-winning SYNC system runs the show. SYNC becomes a fully integrated operating system for Ford vehicles with MyFord – a technology that will become the global interior architecture for all future Ford products.

Built using Microsoft Auto 4.0, the second generation of SYNC has been designed from the outset to be expandable, allowing it to grow and add new features without requiring new hardware. By employing a Media Hub for interfacing with external devices and media, Ford helps ensure compatibility with future hardware innovations.

ford mytouch 6 at MyFord Touch turns your car into an Iphone!

The system also has been configured for global deployment, using one hardware package in all regions worldwide. The identical global SYNC hardware will be outfitted with branding, languages and regionally appropriate applications while the host vehicle is on the assembly line, all using WiFi technology.

MyFord technology will not be exclusive to high-end products. As new and refreshed Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models continue to arrive on the world stage, all will be outfitted with an implementation of MyFord driver connect technology.

Not enough? Want more details? well then, CLICK HERE, Nerdo! 🙂

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