/BMW Revealed The Baby Racer II Motorsport!

BMW Revealed The Baby Racer II Motorsport!

bmw baby racer at BMW Revealed The Baby Racer II Motorsport!

Sometimes big car manufacturers do unnecessary things for no good reason, and this is one of those cases! This toy you see here is the new Baby Racer II Motorsport by BMW, obviously for the BMW owner’s kids because the owner himself would look preposterous on it! They say that it’s designed to look like a real racing car, with an aerodynamic front spoiler, speedometer, and rev counter… Oh dear God!

They are also very passionate about it :

Hairpin bends behind the kitchen, cobblestones in front of dad’s pit lane, traffic-calmed noise protection zones in the living room – with the BMW Baby Racer II Motorsport, budding drivers from one and a half to three years old will master it all with their blue-white-red roadster that is ready for anything.

Its sports steering wheel makes U-turns an easy exercise for little drivers – The sporty-looking but soft seat absorbs vibrations from rough terrain – The tires can even handle delicate parquet, with rubber to ensure a silent ride and a low profile for stability on any surface – Together with the big wheels, they look really sporty, too.

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