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BMW X4 Under Consideration

bmw x6 at BMW X4 Under Consideration

Although the concept of the BMW X6, you know being a high-riding four-door coupe, seemed a bit pointless at first but the car enjoyed enormous success in sales, mainly thanks to its handsome design. The success was so big actually that according to Autocar, BMW is working on another version of it which is a bit smaller and more affordable, allegedly called the X4.

This whole project is still under consideration, but if it made it into production it’ll be based upon the platform of the yet to be revealed 2011 BMW X3. By imagine, the X4 must be smaller than the X6, but it will almost certainly sport the same sort of design because, well it worked well for the X6!

But it will be even less of a perfect car than the X6. You see the X6 is heavy and thirsty and not that brilliant to drive on the road because it’s too high and not brilliant off the road, because it wasn’t designed to go off-road. And despite its enormous body, the interior space specially at the back is rubbish and so is the rear visibility. So you can imagine how the X4, which is supposed to be less of that, would be!

No problem though! It will be selling like hot cakes because it’s something new and most importantly, because it comes with a BMW badge.

source: Autocar

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