/Icelandic Volcano Eruption Is Top Gear’s Fault?!

Icelandic Volcano Eruption Is Top Gear’s Fault?!

top gear volcano 1 at Icelandic Volcano Eruption Is Top Gears Fault?!

You know it might be just a coincidence, but hours after the Top Gear crew finished conquering the Eyjafjallajokull (tough name by the way!) active volcano in Iceland using a specially prepared Toyota, it began to erupt hot juicy lava, causing many flights to be canceled! Apparently James May has triggered the eruption by throwing a cigarette into the volcano! Actually come to think about it, Top Gear might also be responsible for Haiti earthquake, and the Iraq war, and 9/11. Ya know what, I actually heard Bin Laden is a close friend of Jeremy Clarkson. 🙂

Meanwhile Toyota is trying to score some points for their Hilux pickup! hit the jump for their special release…

top gear volcano 2 at Icelandic Volcano Eruption Is Top Gears Fault?!

Hilux drives to the heart of Iceland’s devastating eruption

A new chapter has been written in the world-conquering history of Toyota’s mighty Hilux as it took on the ice and fire of Iceland’s Eyjafallajökull volcano, just hours before its eruption brought chaos to the skies of Europe.

The legendary pick-up that Top Gear simply could not destroy and which was the first car to be driven across the Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole proved the perfect transport for scientists racing to set up monitoring equipment before the long-dormant  mountain blew its top and sent a vast cloud of ash 30,000 feet into the sky.

The vehicles used for the expedition were prepared by specialist firm Arctic Trucks to the same extreme environment specification as the Hilux used by Jeremy Clarkson and James May for their historic polar expedition. With giant low pressure 38-inch tyres, the go-anywhere Hilux had the measure of every challenge in its path as it made its way through ice and snow towards the volcano’s fiery heart.

With Europe’s most advanced aircraft rendered powerless by the ash-filled atmosphere, it’s Hilux that once again has proved itself the master of everything man and nature can put in its path.

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