/VW Presents All-Electric Golf blue-e-motion Concept

VW Presents All-Electric Golf blue-e-motion Concept

golf blue e motion at VW Presents All Electric Golf blue e motion Concept

VW officially announced today that an all-electric variant will be added to the Golf range as soon as 2013. Currently the work is in progress developing the car, and on the proof of this concept model they’ve just unveiled, it’s going on pretty smoothly. The Golf blue-e-motion concept’s electric powertrian delivers 85 kW or 115 hp, and 270 nm of torque.

So as far as power and performance matters, it shouldn’t have any difference over an entry-level petrol powered Golf. But the car’s lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 26.5 kilowatt-hours, can offer a range of 150 kilometres of emission-free driving on a single charge. Of course this being an all-electric model, the real range depends on a million things based on your driving style and habits. For instance, using the air conditioning system significantly reduces it.

And don’t think it’s just an urban commuter and can’t handle highway driving. The electric Golf has a top speed of 140 km/h, how often you get to go any faster than that?! It also has seamless acceleration, since all of the 270 Nm of its torque power is available right from the start.

Golf blue-e-motion Concept Car – Technical Data
Length 4,199 mm
Width 1,786 mm
Height 1,480 mm
Wheelbase 2,575 mm
Drive System
Drive type Electric motor
Power (max. / continuous) 85 kW / 50 kW
Max. torque 270 Nm
Transmission / Tyres
Transmission EQ 210 (1-gear transmission)
Final drive type Front-wheel drive
Tyre size 205/55 R16
Driving Performance
0-100 km/h 11.8 s
Top speed 140 km/h
CO2 emissions with electricity generated from renewable sources Negligible

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