/World’s largest collection of cars to become a museum

World’s largest collection of cars to become a museum

car museum at Worlds largest collection of cars to become a museum

The largest private collection of cars in the world will become a museum next year, so everyone has the opportunity to admire more than three thousand cars owned by the American Harold E. Le May.

Before he died in 2000, Le May concentrated all efforts to create a nonprofit organization in order to build a public museum to increase the public’s general knowledge about the evolution of the automobile.

However, the idea that Le May had for its entire collection was not exactly modest: a huge metal structure, filled entirely with glass, designed by renowned architects such as Alan Grant.

The dream is now about to become a reality after meeting the 100 million dollars needed to raise the project, which will feature a collection of cars ranging from the 1916 Buick Abadal to the De Lorean DMC 12, 1983, (from the saga “Back to the Future”).

There are also many outstanding models of the European automobile industry, such as the Fiat Topolino, 1937 and the Citroen 2CV, 1953.

The inauguration is scheduled for mid of next year.

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