/HMC Hidalgo Modern Classic Rivals Wiesmann

HMC Hidalgo Modern Classic Rivals Wiesmann

HMC Holdago 1 at HMC Hidalgo Modern Classic Rivals Wiesmann

For years the German Wiesmann had a unique market all for itself because there were no proper production car around featuring a swell classic body and modern structure at the same time. Now though, there is! It’s the HMC Hidalgo, which is a creation of the Swiss Helvetic Motor Company and follows the same recipe, although it looks a bit too classic.

And while the Wiesmann is built upon BMW M models, M3 and M5, the Hidalgo uses Mercedes SLK55 AMG underpinnings. That means you get 350 hp from a 5.5 liter V8 which also sounds pretty awesome. Of course since it’s a handmade bespoke car you can order upgrades for it too.

Like its German rival, the Hidalgo which also looks kinda like classic Bugattis, is a very limited edition and only six units will be built every year. Apparently it’s priced well over 300,000 euros, which to be honest is a lot considering you can get a Ferrari 599 or a Mercedes SLS or an Aston DBS for that money.

HMC Holdago 2 at HMC Hidalgo Modern Classic Rivals Wiesmann

Source: autoblog.nl

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