/R&B Star Usher Starts Gumball 3000 in a BAC Mono

R&B Star Usher Starts Gumball 3000 in a BAC Mono

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You have probably heard of Usher, the ENB singer who dances way too much and way too skillfully for a supposedly straight man, the guy who gave Justin Bieber his start in the business. Well, anyway, like all black musicians, Usher is a huge car fan and he’s now showing that off by taking part in the Gumball 3000 exotic car rally with a BAC Mono

Usher showed up at the event wearing what appeared to be a plate carrier vest, which isn’t that bad a fashion choice considering what the new flock of rappers are wearing these days. The man tried his best to look cool getting strapped into the tiny cockpit of the BAC Mono, but you could tell he wasn’t entirely comfortable. But hey, this single-seater got him a lot more attention than any Rolls-Royce or Maybach could, and Rick Ross and Kanye have already ruined those, so, you know, the Mono it was.

Gumball 3000 exotic car rally is an event for people with cool cars and way too much free time. It is basically a 3,000 mile road trip/party which crosses through Europe and Asia to the finish line in Tokyo, Japan.

BAC Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Neill Briggs, said: “Wow, what a fantastic way to mark the start of Gumball 3000 – which never ceases to amaze year after year. Having one of the greatest musical artists of recent times in Mono was extra special – and hearing just how impressed he was with the car was incredible, too. Usher really knows and loves his cars, and they don’t come any better than Mono for pure driving enjoyment – we look forward to getting him behind the wheel again!”

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