/Lotus Exos T125: F1-Inspired Track Car

Lotus Exos T125: F1-Inspired Track Car

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If the Porsche GT3 or Ferrari Scuderia don’t phase you enough at your track days and you want something more serious, then this Lotus is the car for you! Unlike other track cars, the Lotus Exos T125 is not like a normal car at all, it’s not even like radical sportscars, it is in fact a Formula 1 car. And don’t think it’s just the looks, the engine is also a race-bred.

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Unveiled at Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion event, the Exos T125 is limited to 25 units and features a 650 kg body and a 3.5 liter Cosworth V8 engine which had to be limited to 650 hp.

That is a recipe for fun if you know how to handle it, and a recipe for chaos if you don’t!That’s why the car has carbon fiber suspension and carbon ceramic brakes. If you crash this car it’s your own fault, because it’s a Lotus and that means the chassis setting is spot-on perfect and it handles as good as possible.

Lotus says the car is also easy to maintain and you won’t need a big crew to run it at any event. The service intervals for the T125 is 4,500 Km. Buyers of this car will become a member of Exos club as well, but for that privilege they have to pay a price in excess of a million euros.

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