/Poo-Powered VW Beetle Debuts!

Poo-Powered VW Beetle Debuts!

beetle poo 1 at Poo Powered VW Beetle Debuts!

This funny looking VW Beetle is the most advanced poo-powered vehicle to date! And it’s the most efficient as well, with human waste of just 70 homes in Bristol you can supply this little Bug for the whole year. But before you get too excited that you can crap in your car use number 2s instead of buying expensive fossil fuel, we have to say it’s not that easy after all.

You see the car is not running on actual waste. It’s in fact a normal CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicle. In many countries CNG is the main source of power for internal combustion engines. For this car which is called the Bio-Bug, Geneco of Bristol uses the methane gas which is generated during the sewage process and convert it into CNG. That is not an exactly cheap operation.

This might sound like something new to you, but it’s actually an old idea. In fact in 2004 Top Gear had a go on this (Season 4 Episode 6).

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