/GM Modernizes OnStar to Battle Ford’s Sync

GM Modernizes OnStar to Battle Ford’s Sync

OnStar is usually known as a little blue button that one presses when face an accident and immediately need to call for help. GM’s concierge service now has offered phone and travel help, and more recently have earned the ability to send directions to navigation systems on demand as well.

OnStar Phone at GM Modernizes OnStar to Battle Fords Sync

GM today has announced a very new vision of OnStar to make it larger, stronger, and more effective than existing services with the introduction of the hardware that may guide you to hands-free texting and even to add to it Facebook updates via Bluetooth and microphones in the cabin.

Both the new technologies are being tested and work on the new hardware being put into 2011 OnStar-equiped GM vehicles. In this case, though the older models won’t be upgraded. This is a new revolution being introduced to catch up with Ford’s Sync system and its text messaging features. Not to miss in the case that GM is tempering and entering in to that space and it declares to test both the services.

The fresh hardware has improved the traffic, navigation, voice recognition, weather alerts and access to cell phone’s contact list via Bluetooth.

The re-launch of Onstar is being coordinated with a new ad campaign that shows of anther new feature called MyLink by GM. MyLink actually allows owner to use a smart phone to even duplicate the key fob, there by extending their ability to lock or unlock the car and at the same time check to see if they forgot to do so from any where around. MyLink will also operate whether or so the car may be equipped with remote start. It will also send diagnostic information to ones phone. Throughout the 2011 lineup it seems that Chevy Cruze and Volt will spread and will create good reviews.

As far as Ford’s Sync and Honda’s latest navigation is concerned, there is no declaration of any voice activated music selection in this update.

The standard OnStar annual subscription of $199 will include all the new features. There is an upgraded service as well that includes navigation at $299 per year.

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