/Lanesafe Helps You Stay on the Right Lane

Lanesafe Helps You Stay on the Right Lane

Ever drove in a country where road rules are reverse? It is very necessary to know the rules of road because they vary from country to country. So, to avoid any ticket or worst, an accident, you need to learn those rules before taking out your car on the roads.

Lanesafe at Lanesafe Helps You Stay on the Right Lane

Although one learns easily when comes to the road by seeing other vehicles but there are always chances that you will get hit with some other car. If you have a partner to remind you again and again about the right lane, then its fine but if not, you will need to consider other options.

There is this device named “Lanesafe” which helps you stay on the right lane when driving abroad. It is created to suction cup car’s windshield and show a green arrow and Red X sign all the time to keep you on the right lane. As mentioned earlier that it is solar-powered so, it helps the display function not only in the day time but also charges battery to use at night.

This unique and handy device can be used all over the world. When there is no sun, you can use 12v in-car charger. It is priced at $33 which is not too much for a life saving gadget.

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