/Video: A Closer Look At BMW’s Secret New Car

Video: A Closer Look At BMW’s Secret New Car

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BMW takes the teasing business to the next level by launching a website called dontblogaboutthis.com which promotes a secret new car by the Bavarian car maker in a weird way! They’ve started teasing this car even though the yadmit it’s not in the final shape yet and there’s a long way ahead of it. But what the hell, the Internet loves this sorta things! It keeps us amused for a while.

So, about the car. Well nothing’s for sure yet, but it wears the current 6-series clothing to hide its yet undone shape. The front of the car resembles the EfficientDynamics concept, so on the whole it’s safe to say that it will be a GT car. Chances are that this GT is a hybrid sports car powered by an extremely efficient and yet significantly powerful hybrid powertrain. In fact it could be the production version of the EfficientDynamics concept.

Here’s a new video they put out on their site, and although it’s titled Getting Closer it still won’t give a clue! Check it out:

bmw secrect6 2 at Video: A Closer Look At BMWs Secret New Car

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