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Novitec Fiat 500 Abarth

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Just as the standard Fiat 500 Abarth was not awesome enough, Italy’s biggest tuner Novitec released an upgrade package for it, boosting all the good features that made the Abarth so amazing. This program contains everything: Power, exhausts, suspension, wheels, body kit, paint job, the lot.

Let’s start with power and see what Novitec has to offer to this little Italian. They offer various performance kits for the 135 hp / 99 kW Abarth 500. The NOVITEC NT4-CORSE power kit costs 3,016 Euros and delivers an increase in power output of 77 hp / 57 kW, which means the turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine now makes 212 hp / 156 kW.

The power kit includes a special turbocharger, a more efficient fresh air supply, an optimized air-cleaner box with sport air-filter cartridge, the NOVITEC CORSE high performance exhaust system, larger injection nozzles and a special fuel pressure control. In addition the engine electronics is upgraded with the NOVITEC POWERJET 2 auxiliary control unit.

Novitec also has stainless-steel sport mufflers and high performance exhaust systems, available with one or two tailpipes in various shapes, improving the noise, the looks and the performance.

The tuner offers for this car the NOVITEC N10 light alloy wheels with 17- or 18-inch diameters. The 7.5Jx17 wheels can be fitted with low-profile tires in sizes 215/40 R 17 in front and rear. They can be ordered with NOVITEC sport springs, which lower the ride height by some 35 millimeters, and the height-adjustable NOVITEC sport suspension made from stainless steel.

Novitec can also provide you with 8Jx18 wheels and 215/35 R 18 tires, available in different colors or polished versions.

The looks of the car are also improved thanks to the NOVITEC front spoiler lip made from Carbon which attaches to the underside of the standard front fascia, special black color and black-tinted lateral turn signals.

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