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Maybach “Queequeq” Sculpture

maybach sculpture 1 at Maybach “Queequeq” Sculpture

This weird thing you see here is the “Queequeq – The Maybach Sculpture” by American painter, sculptor and filmmaker Julian Schnabel and marks the start of a two-year partnership between Maybach brand and the artist. Unveiled at Art Basel Miami Beach, this sculpture shows what the critics were on about, Maybach guys have a bad taste!

But Maybach is very serious getting involved with the contemporary art, no idea why. From 2011, Maybach will become the first and exclusive automotive partner of the world-famous Musée du Louvre in Paris. Maybe with such acts Maybach wants to put on a more sophisticated face and shake off the current image of being a stretched S-Class widely loved by Rick Ross and the crew!!! They are seeking  what Rolls Royce has plenty, spirit.

maybach sculpture 2 at Maybach “Queequeq” Sculpture

Press Release:

Consisting of two parts, it is 483 centimeters (190 inches) high, 170 cm (67 inches) wide, and 142 cm (56 inches) deep and has a weight of 1,488 kilograms (3,280 lbs.). Both parts are of cast bronze with patina over stainless steel armatures. With its dimensions, “Queequeq – The Maybach Sculpture” imbues strength and surprises with fluidity and lightness. Its name draws from the character of the harpooneer in Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick. The sculpture is to reside within the comprehensive Daimler Art Collection – as is customary of all art co-operations of the Maybach brand.

Over the next two years, Julian Schnabel and Maybach are engaging in a multitude of initiatives. As did photographer David LaChapelle in 2009, Julian Schnabel is participating with the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation and its mentoring program, which identifies and supports young high-talented individuals including artists with great potential in their field. Schnabel also made a short film documenting the Maybach brand.

“The quest for perfection and uniqueness is the essence of the Maybach brand. The Maybach Foundation’s concept of mentoring also carries great significance, as I have always felt it was important to support and promote young, talented artists. And older artists should encourage younger ones. This is something that can be fun, useful and important,” said Julian Schnabel, who is for the first time joining in a cooperative effort with a corporation.

Maybach supports Julian Schnabel’s humanitarian efforts, artistic and social projects

An exclusive “Maybach Night” to honor Julian Schnabel and his humanitarian and social engagements will be held on December 2, and includes the presentation of the Maybach sculpture. A highlight of this evening event is a major charity auction of five Julian Schnabel works to benefit the J/P HRO (J/P Haitian Relief Organisation) Foundation, which was established by Schnabel’s long-time friend, American actor Sean Penn. As host, Maybach is enabling this auction with support from the Beyeler Fondation and Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles. The proceeds will go toward rapid and effective aid for Haiti and support a village of 50,000. Another highlight of the night will be a special screening of Schnabel’s latest film MIRAL, which opens March 25, 2011 in the United States. MIRAL tells the story of a young girl growing up in a landscape of conflict.

Throughout 2011 the Maybach sculpture will be shown at significant exhibitions of Schnabel’s works, including the Venice Biennale in the Piazza San Marco at the Museo Correr and MOCA in Los Angeles as part of a Julian Schnabel retrospective, which will be announced for the first time during “Maybach Night” by MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch in Miami. The planned retrospective of the artist’s works is long overdue.

Julian Schnabel’s works have been exhibited around the globe, and are part of the permanent collections of the world’s most significant museums. Along with painting and sculpture, his wide-ranging activities include film, photography, architecture, interior design and music.

“We are very happy to partner with this great artist. The partnership with Julian Schnabel and Maybach is significant based on our shared principles. It also marks the first engagement on behalf of a brand within his brilliant career. This truly showcases our long term commitment and ongoing support for contemporary art,” said Patrick Marinoff, Global Brand Manager Maybach.

Maybach establishes partnership with the Louvre

As of 2011, Maybach is also the first and exclusive automotive partner of the world-famous Louvre Museum in Paris supporting contemporary art installations beneath the glass pyramid. In the next three years, the central pillar under the famed pyramid will showcase a rotating series of sculptures by internationally known, Maybach-supported contemporary artists and sculptors. This is the first time since the pyramid was built in 1989 that this area in the Louvre’s entrance is being used for presentations of works of art. The Louvre is expanding its contemporary art program through cooperative efforts with the Stuttgart-based luxury brand. The first rotating installation begins with a sculpture by English artist Tony Cragg, on display from January to October 2011.

Comprehensive engagement for top-class contemporary art

In the past five years, Maybach has established itself internationally in the world of contemporary art and has focused efforts in supporting well-known artists and projects, art institutions and museums. In 2005, Maybach supported the artistic duo of Christo and Jeanne-Claude with their spectacular project “The Gates” in New York’s Central Park. In 2009, the luxury brand cooperated with the photographer David LaChapelle. Maybach’s support of renowned institutions in the art world encompasses partnerships with the Beyeler Fondation in Switzerland, and, as of 2011, the Louvre in Paris. Beyond these efforts, Maybach is regularly present at significant art events such as the St. Moritz Art Masters. Maybach’s efforts also include the coupling of art and social engagement in keeping with the mentoring principles of the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation.

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