/BMW M3 Touring In The Works?

BMW M3 Touring In The Works?

m5 touring at BMW M3 Touring In The Works?

With every BMW M5, there was an M5 Touring. So why you might be wondering there never was an M3 Wagon. Well, the answer is becasue it doesn’t make sense! If you want a fast estate car, you buy the M5 wagon, why would you buy an M3 wagon which is less practical and slower. And the price is not an issue becasue you’re considering an ///M car in the first place.

Now though, some people say BMW is considering a limited run for the M3 Touring.

They already have the M3 coupe and sedan, and it would be nice to complete the range with a estate considering that they already got all the ingredients. They just have to put an M3 V8 in it and bolt M3 bumpers on a Touring 3 series and there you have it! So even if it didn’t sell like hot cakes they haven’t lost much.

To be honest cars like this are not likely to sell in big numbers anyway because of their split personality. I mean a station wagon is the last thing that pops into your mind when thinking about buying a fast car, and you don’t consider buying an estate anyway unless you have to. The sales figure of the M5 Touring and Mercedes E and  C Class AMG estate confirms that. You can also ask Cadillac who recently launched a CTS-V wagon!

The facts about the BMW M3 Touring might become clear at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

via: bimmerfile

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