/Mercedes Planning New Models Based On B Class

Mercedes Planning New Models Based On B Class

mercedes b class at Mercedes Planning New Models Based On B Class

We’ve actually been reporting this since two years ago that the next generation Mercedes B Class will spawn a range  of new models including a crossover and a four-door coupe. Now based on the most recent reports they are due in three years, based on MFA, including a shooting brake variant.

MFA stands for Mercedes Front-wheel-drive Architecture which they’ve been developing for the new line of small efficient cars. According to a company official, Mercedes wants at least four models on this new platform to fill the segments they are not currently present in. A small SUV for example in the same class as BMW X1 would a nice choice and this MFA platform can handle it. Likewise, a small wagon-ish car would rival Audi’s A3. What will set them apart though is a small four-door coupe which can be considered as the baby CLS!

The new Class itself will be launched later this year and in summer of 2012 we will see the new A Class, a car that till get a hot AMG version.

“We will introduce the next generation of our MFA family to the U.S. Two variants, maybe even a third, are planned for the United States, he said. The coupe will be launched in the United States in the summer of 2013. Mercedes insiders call it a “baby CLS” because it will have similar styling to the brand’s larger CLS coupe-styled four-door model. An AMG version will arrive in Europe later and is expected to be sold in the United States.” Joachim Schmidt – Mercedes global sales and marketing.

via: Autoweek

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