/Toyota Prius Cleaner Than Sheep?

Toyota Prius Cleaner Than Sheep?

toyota vs sheep at Toyota Prius Cleaner Than Sheep?

Some people somewhere have conducted a weird research to compare emissions of a Toyota Prius with a sheep’s! Probably they didn’t have anything better to do. The results, as shown in the picture above, indicate that the Prius actually emits less greenhouse gas than the livestock in its lifecycle.

Fine, but that sheep has many advantages and makes people’s lives better by providing dairies and stuff, whereas the Prius is only good for the celebs to put on a environmentally friendly face. Besides, producing a Prius, or indeed any other green car, does a lot more damage to the environment than producing a sheep! Granted, you can’t go to work on a sheep, it’s cruel to even try, but you can’t make pork chops out of a Prius either!

This is possibly the most irrelevant report we ever had, don’t you think?!

via: Jalopnik

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