/Volkswagen XL1 Will Be Produced In Limited Numbers

Volkswagen XL1 Will Be Produced In Limited Numbers

vw xl1 2 at Volkswagen XL1 Will Be Produced In Limited Numbers

Volkswagen XL1 is possibly the most futuristic car revealed at Qatar Motor Show. As it turns out though, it’s not that futuristic after all becasue VW will soon put it into production in strictly limited numbers. Or so says the report! But you know how it work, first it’s a rumor, then a report, and before yo know it the car is on the streets.

According to a report by a German auto portal, top tier Volkswagen officials, Piech and Winterkorn, both have confirmed a limited production run for the XL1. They believe this car is more than just a test and has actual potential to become the new definition of the green car.

Of course no one could have thought this concept car with its 261 mpg powertrain and that extremely conceptual body has anything produciton-ready about it, but when you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense for produciton. It beats all hybrids in terms of economy and has better practicality than most of the EVs currently on the market. And after all, it’s come a long way since the first 1-liter concept car and it’s just about time for this concept to become reality.

Apparently they will first make a 100 units for Germany, with US and Chinese market to follow. Nothing regarding the price, the final specs and the produciton site has been confirmed yet. We are expecting an official statement by Volkswagen.

via: TTAC

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