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ZF 9-speed Automatic Transmission

zf 9 speed at ZF 9 speed Automatic Transmission

The maker of world’s finest transmissions, ZF announced a new 9-speed automatic gearbox for passenger cars. Why? you maybe asking. Well, because more is better! The 9-speed box has its advantages regarding fuel efficiency and smooth changes, it is also suitable for transversely-mounted front-drive engines. But with 9 gears at its disposal it’ll be shifting all the time!

The new gearbox also features a fancy type of torque converter which results in significant fuel economy improvements and enhanced performance for front-wheel-drive cars. This system is also capable of double shift, or even multiple shifts if necessary. It can downshift like 4 gears at once without you even noticing!

The 9-speed transmission sounds a bit too much really, I mean I’m perfectly happy with only six in my car. But it can also give you a good game to play in the car, see how many times a day you can hit 9!!

“Similar to ZF’s eight-speed automatic transmission used in rear-drive platforms, the new 9-speed delivers extremely short response and shifting times that are below the threshold of perception. That means double shifts and direct multiple gearshifts occur without the driver or passenger noticing,” explains ZF president and CEO Hans-Georg Harter

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