/Video: BMW Looking At Flying Cars

Video: BMW Looking At Flying Cars

BMW released new installment of their ‘Wherever You Want To Go‘ documentaries titled The Future Just Isn’t What It Used To Be, asking the question Why Are There Still No Flying Cars? They want to realize why aviation has progressed much further than automobiles even though both are roughly the same age. This film looks at the idea of flying cars from different angles, the possibilities and restrictions, and the fact why they’re not likely to have a future.

“The Future Just Isn’t What it Used To Be” features many of the same thought leaders found in chapter one, “The New City”, including Astronaut Buzz Aldrin; Futurist and conceptual designer for Blade Runner, Aliens and Tron, Syd Mead; Google VP Marissa Mayer; ZipCar founder Robin Chase; Treehugger.com founder Graham Hill; Ridelust.com editor-in-chief Mike Musto; and Reinventing the Automobile co-author Lawrence Burns.  They are joined in chapter two by BMW DesignWorks USA President Laurenz Shaffer; Virgin Galactic President & CEO George Whitesides; MIT Sloan Director of Automotive Professor Wai Chang; and Human Business Works President & CEO Chris Brogan.

Director: Kurt Mattila.  Production company: Prologue Pictures.  Run time: 6 min 42 sec.

About BMW Documentary Films “Wherever You Want to Go”

BMW Documentary Films “Wherever You Want to Go” is a collection of four films, broken into chapters, which focuses on the future of mobility, cities and technology.  The series is inspired by the launch of the BMW ActiveE, an electric vehicle.  Each film features interviews with a diverse range of thought leaders to create a holistic look into the opportunities and challenges of our future world.

Developed in collaboration with kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners, the films precipitate a unique collective engineering project, dubbed “Activate The Future” designed to build a community of people who are passionate about working together to create the future, rather than waiting for it to happen to them.

Additional chapters will appear each Tuesday throughout the month of February.  To allow viewers to better engage with the films and to add to the ongoing dialogue, BMW designed an innovative new video player specifically for the films.  Viewers can access additional content around a theme, quote, or speaker in real time, while giving them the option to pause the main viewer.  Additionally, they can also post their own thoughts or comments directly to specific moments of the film for others to see and react.

About ActiveE

The BMW ActiveE will be an electric vehicle based on a BMW 1 Series Coupe that will use electric motor and battery cell technology developed in-house. It will represent the second phase of a three-phase electric vehicle development plan that will lead to a dedicated electric vehicle that will launch in 2013. The BMW ActiveE will be available for lease beginning this fall.

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