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Maybach is more popular between rappers than presidents and heads of state. So the idea of an armoured Maybach is relevant because these days rappers are more likely to get shot than presidents.

The Maybach Guard is just the car if you are a rich person that gets held at gunpoint a lot!

Based on the full-on 62 model, the Maybach Guard is built from the ground up as a special model bespoke to its customer. Before the car gets all the luxury garnish on it, experts of armoured vehicles take it away and using high-tech materials and special engineering methods make it an uncanny bulletproof car. Then it gets back to the Sindelfingen production plan to dress up as a normal Maybach.

That is the whole point of it, discreteness. Even Maybach experts shouldn’t be able to tell the armoured Guard from the normal model Rick Ross rides in. Or maybe he’s car is a Guard too, we don’t know!

The astonishing bit is that despite all the extra protection and stuff, the Guard is only 406 kg heavier than the Standard Maybach 62 which is brilliant for a car of this size and class.

The base of the Maybach Guard was originally designed for the extra weight of the protective armouring so that no changes of drive train, suspensions or breaking-system are necessary. The car handles effortlessly at all times. Further contributions are provided by the electronic control systems such as ESP®, ABS, ASR Brake Assist BAS and AIRMATIC DC. Nor do you have to make any compromises when it comes to performance either: the Maybach Guard accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds and is the only armoured car in the world able to reach a top speed of 250 km/h.

Here’s more details on the Maybach Guard in case you are thinking of ordering one. The pricing is unknown really, because it is a bespoke car.

Upmost care in safety and individualization too

The bodyshell is built in the same production plant in Sindelfingen where all the other Maybach models are built. After that the special protective features have been integrated, a Maybach Guard moves out onto the standard assembly room. From here our expert craftsmen dedicate their efforts to guarantee the upmost care in the assembly and individualization process, in order to ensure our costumers the same, incomparable levels of craftsmanship that the Maybach name represents.

Certified protection

As used in the construction of special vehicles and bulletproof clothing, the armour is made of highly specialized steel and high-tech Kevlar. Thanks to its lightness, while still ensuring a very high protection, the armour raises the total weight of the vehicle by only 406 kg. In order to guarantee effectiveness, the armour is certified by independent state bodies which carry out on-the-spot quality control checks. As the certification can be revoked with the detection of the slightest weakness, rigorously high levels of perfection are continuously maintained.

Luxurious handcrafted details

Another thing you don’t need to fear in a Maybach Guard is your freedom of choice. As always, the name Maybach stands for unmatched individuality: exotic wood can be combined with a wide range of sumptuous leathers.

Tailored to your desires

Our specialists are honoured to be at your disposition and help you realize the Maybach Guard as you desire. Perhaps you want a monogram made from your initials? Or champagne flutes made of sterling silver? Whatever you desire, your Personal Liaison Manager, the Maybach designers and engineers will help you configure your Maybach Guard just the way you want it.

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