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BMW M Bike Carbon Racer

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Recently Range Rover unveiled a concept carbon fiber bike with Evoque branding. If that doesn’t float your boat, don’t despair because there’s plenty more coming! Here’s BMW M bike for you.

Apparently making bikes helps car makers put on a greener face.

Now you might not notice it just by looking at it, but BMW M Bike Carbon Racer has a highly advanced design and build with highest level of riding comfort and lightweight. BMW puts its M badge only on the very fast stuff, but that’s not the case with this one. The speed of this thing really depends on how hard you can pedal, obviously! But it makes it an easier job with its high-tech materials and components that result in a great ride to maximize your efficiency.

To make sure it is distinguished over normal non M bikes, the Carbon Racer features anthracite carbon look, while colored accents on the rims, handlebar grips, and saddle inlay in the typical BMW M red color show off the origins of this top-quality bike.

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BMW M Bike Carbon Racer is not a concept and you can actually buy it. It will be available from select BMW dealers and online at www.bmw-shop.com from June 2011. It could be quite expensive though, after all it comes with a M badge.

Carbon – the material the best racing machines are made from.For those watching the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer ride by from the sidewalk, it’s love at first sight – and there usually isn’t time for a second look with this racing machine. So it really pays to take a look at the frame, which is the heart of every bike. For the new BMW M Bike Carbon Racer, BMW’s developers constructed a carbon frame that is extremely light and stiff, absorbs shocks, and is absolutely corrosion-free. BMW doesn’t use any mass-produced elements in its fleet of bicycles, instead working only with frames it develops itself. And with Shimano Ultegra gears, you can quickly get the 7.4 kg racing bike moving at top speed.

Each component is state of the art.

Whether for athletic endeavors or recreational riding, every detail is perfect when you hit the pedals of the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer. This high-performance bike truly stands out as a result of carefully selected components and the perfect coordination of all the top-quality parts. Even in extreme conditions, the Shimano Ultegra brakes and gear levers allow the rider to change gears quickly, and the uncompromising lightweight design allows for particularly fluid braking. The chain and cassette provide a perfectly smooth transmission of energy both on flat areas of road and on difficult slopes.

The BMW M Bike Carbon Racer is unrivaled in its combination of technically sophisticated equipment with exclusive design – but it is what you would normally expect from a BMW M product. The summer of 2011 will be all about “sheer driving pleasure” for every BMW owner, even those with two-wheeled vehicles.

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