/VW Promises Porsche Engines To Alfa Romeo

VW Promises Porsche Engines To Alfa Romeo

alfa spider at VW Promises Porsche Engines To Alfa Romeo

As you know Volkswagen is desperately trying to acquire Alfa Romeo brand but the Italians are reluctant to let it go, at least not easily. The Germans latest offer to trick them into the deal is promising new Porsche powerplants for Alfa cars.

Volkswagen says if Fiat sells them Alfa Romeo they will provide a new flat-four Porsche engine which can very well be used for the upcoming 4C or other entry-level sportscar, as well as mainstream models. Such engine that provides a balance between performance and fuel economy is actually what Alfa needs quite badly. If you think about it, none of their gorgeous models in recent years came with an equally good powertrain.

The benefits of this deal for VW will include maximizing production potential and getting closer to their 2018 goal of becoming the world’s largest manufacturer. It will also help Porsche’s engine production business.

Fiat – the current owner of Alfa Romeo – however is not interested one bit in selling one of Italy’s most charismatic brands to the Germans. They’ve already expressed it with anger a couple of times before. As a Fiat spokesman puts it: “We shut the door in their faces and now they’re trying to get in the window,”

source: Autocar

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